Voting Online

Most American’s considering Voting for the President to be one of the true symbols of democracy. Voting can be liberating, inspiring and effective when the system in place is working properly. Unfortunately, there has always been doubt of whether or not the United States Voting system is working for the better good of the citizens, or is being manipulated by powerful individuals at the top. This is not a website about conspiracy theories that surround the voting process, but we will explore all sides of how the American public votes.

We’d be foolish to only explore voting for the President once every four years, as there are many opportunities for citizens to cast their ballot for political leaders in between election years. Local election races can be more important than you may think. Elected local government officials often make up the Electoral College, which actually determines which candidate will win each Presidential Election. By helping shape your local government, you can more easily sway who will become the next President of the United States.

Each state has a predetermined number of electoral votes that they can cast for the candidate that they think should win a Presidential election. In most cases, the Electoral College votes with the popular choice in any given state – but that does not always hold true. There have been several instances in the history of the United States where the Electoral College went against the Popular Vote for President.

What is The Electoral College?

The Electoral College is made up of delegates from each state. There are a total of 538 electors across the 50 states who determine who will win the Presidential and Vice Presidential seat in the White House once every four years. Electors are congressmen, senators and local officials who have been elected by the popular vote in their local region.

In most cases, the way that the Electors will vote in any given state is known well before Election Day. While the choice to vote Democrat or Republican is easy to determine for most states, a small group of “Swing States,” often determines who will be the victor. By voting for your local government officials, you can help shape the electoral vote in your state – in turn having more control over who will be elected President in the upcoming election.

2016 Presidential Candidates

The Presidential Candidates for 2016 are not yet determined, but many political experts have already started to make predictions about who will run for the White House in the next election. Current Vice President Joe Biden is expected to be among the top nominee choices for the Democratic party in 2016 according to many experts. The GOP is expecting Marco Rubio, a Senator from Florida to be among the front runners for the next Republican push for the White House.

This site will soon allow you to vote for who you think should be nominated to run for each party in 2016, and who you hope will win the next election overall. Stay tuned, and check back often!