The Rude & Vulgar Road to the U.S. Presidential Election

There’s a lot of news that talk about the US Presidential Election as if it was it was one of the most expensive jokes ever put up by Americans at their own expense. There’s the existence of a real estate magnate cum Republican front runner, a real life socialist, and conservatives making the rounds to say that they should lead America towards the 21st century.

In a somewhat revisionist and most definitely entertaining manner, American satirist PJ O’ Rourke takes us to a trip down the candidate lane, where almost everyone, even the Democrats, have shown that they also carry some of the crazy. You’d be surprised at what you’ll know about these candidates.

O’ Rourke noted that the success of Donald Trump rests on the fact that he is a king when it comes to bad taste. He also sees Trump will have a field day when it comes to his foreign policy. Seeing what he did to his wives, we wouldn’t be surprised about that either. Other GOP favorites such as Jeb Bush is also bound to fail, seeing that he can’t solve issues in his home state of Florida, let alone, run a country.

Hilarity still ensues with the fact that Hillary Clinton always comes second when it comes to her popularity in the democratic front. Who knew that a community organizer who has the same name to that of a Taliban leader will win the presidential ticket against her? Obama, you didn’t.

Then there’s Bernie Sanders who bless his heart will not win, simply because he is far too out there as a socialist to even win. Here’s a tip Bernie: change America through socialist means but don’t tell them it’s socialism at work. Think feeding foie gras to a vegetarian – plain rude, but you’re not hurting the veggie muncher.

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