Most Absurd Online Voting Contests

Thanks to online voting, business and marketing companies have utilized this voting system to run different contests for their customers to win prizes and even help choose the name for their products. Online voting can be a real fun way to engage the market but sometimes, it can be real funny, too. Here are some real situations in which online voting contests have turned into farce.

Source: Revpeep
Source: Revpeep

1. What school should Taylor Swift hold a concert in?
According to the results of an official online contest, she should hold it at the Horace Mann School for the Deaf. Apparently, trolls roam the Internet and voted for the school. When it started to take a strong lead on the poll, Swift’s people were forced to remove it from the running for obvious reasons. Despite the online populace turning the contest into a clever joke, Taylor Swift donated $10,000 to the Horace Mann School for the Deaf and still gave each student a ticket to go to  one of her concerts.

2. Which Plus-sized Model should represent American Apparel’s clothing line?
Clothing company American Apparel has started selling size XL clothes to women. Apparently, selling XL clothes is a big deal in the fashion world since American Apparel commemorated the historic event by launching an online contest. The contest was called “The Next BIG Thing” and the winning model would represent American Apparel. One woman, Nancy Upton, was offended by the company’s contest, and decided to enter herself to make a mockery out of it. She submitted photos of herself covered with food and won the most votes. In the end, American Apparel did not allow her to represent the company.

3. What should Mountain Dew call its new flavor?
There is nothing more fun for online voters than the chance to have to name a big brand’s new product or, in this case, flavor. Mountain Dew’s contest to name their new green apple flavor was bombarded with the silliest and most ridiculous names. The top entry with the most votes was “Hitler Did Nothing Wrong.” PepsiCo was not amused and stopped the contest.