Is your Right to Vote under threat?

US President Barack Obama thinks it is. He accuses the GOP of using voting restrictions, which is a severe critique directed to the Republicans. Voters have been kept away from polls because of these restrictions. The expanded ballot access given to black Americans and other minorities for over 50 years is also being jeopardized.

US President Barack Obama
Source: Front Page Mag

During his speech at Al Sharpton’s National Action Network conference, he states his concern on how the Americans’ right to vote has not been threatened in a way since five decades ago with the passing of the Voting Right Act. Republicans have explained their side that the voting measures that they want to implement are for the purpose of protection against voter fraud. Democrats see this as a destruction of the 1965 law . The laws passed by Republicans are making the system of voting harder and even more challenging to do. Instances like voters not having a passport or birth certificate being turned away come to mind during the President’s speech. Because voters did not have the “right identification”, they were not allowed to cast their votes. Obama also points out how more than half of US citizens do not own a passport and should not be punished for not having the money to travel abroad by not being able to vote.

It was a fierce and passionate speech delievered by the President across a room of 1,600 people in attendance on a day that marked the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Act.