Hillary’s Email Controversy Puts Her in Hot Water

Hillary Rodham Clinton is not new to controversy. There’s the infamous episode on her husband Bill’s indiscretions, and the occasional jab as the Secretary of State and being a woman high above the political pecking order.

Yet, another storm is brewing that puts Clinton in a moral limbo with potential voters – the use of her personal email on government maintained servers. To add insult to the injury, her tone and response to the issue has been quite inconsistent. However, just to reiterate, Hillary have had it tougher and much worse than now.

The 1994 Whitewater scandal made her notorious for having an open forum with the press. Her so called “pink press conference” named as such because of her outfit at that time presented a calm and collected Hillary – ever steady and in some ways, apologetic, in the midst of a real estate brouhaha that gladly did not prosecute the Clintons.  The same can be said in 1998 when the affair between Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky blew up in the media, where she demurely and quietly let go of her anger through mocha cakes and private swimming sessions.

Moving forward to 2015, and we hear responses about the email issue that shows a contrite Clinton, but gives an answer that shows a lack of compassion or sensitivity to the issue. Perhaps this is because Hillary (and her entire political entourage) does not see this as a major speed bump on their hands. Yet, this being an issue of breaking the public’s trust and using government resources is a red flag that can be waved by anyone that is outside of her political ambitions.

Dare we might ask: Is this going to hurt her chances in reaching the Democratic nomination that has evaded her for so long? Will it be the end of Hillary, or just the beginning? Watch this space.

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