Donald Trump making late-night talk rounds after “Fallon”

It’s clear that The Donald is NOT a man of few words.

After his appearance on “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon,” Trump is all set to have another chatty moment over at “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.” Brace yourselves as the Republican nominee goes on a major late-night interview over at CBS after his NBC debut.

So, what should we expect to happen? Colbert is a political satirist, a Democrat and an equal opportunity comedian. Having moved recently from basic cable to one of the big 3 stations, Colbert has honed his craft in political pundits while being a man of substance off camera. He tries to find the funny in politics, with his blow-by-blow raconteur making him a household name after years in The Colbert Report. Colbert surely has wound down since George W. Bush and his antics moved far from where the White House is, but he can surely make a joke or two no matter what.

Mr. Trump on the other hand is well, Mr. Trump. Trump is selling the idea of the “self-made man” and the “American Dream” while being neither self-made nor American – should you count his Scottish and German roots. He likes to fire people on national television, go bankrupt, get married and pretty much sell us stuff we don’t need (remember when he tried to sell us steaks?). He also likes to make fun of women who are neither deaf nor mute (with the exception of Marlee Matlin, sorry about that).

One thing is for sure – you better set your DVR because for all we know, you might be recording one of the best TV moments yet. Perhaps it’s not funny when Trump wins – but please indulge in the humor while you can.

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