Different Types of American Voters: Part II

We’ve discussed the first 3 types of American voters in the previous post. Now, here’s part 2 with 3 more types of voters. Do you think you belong to any of these group?

American voter
Source: Western Journalism

4. Staunch Conservatives
The breakdown: They are very assertive when it comes to foreign policy but when it’s about social and economic policies, a completely opposite take. They think new environmental regulations can actually hurt the US economy instead of helping it. Change is not a comfortable situation for them so even new health care laws are seen with a bad effect to the current health care system. Their political positions include pro-business and pro-military strength. It’s also interesting to know that this particular group of  voters are the oldest, most are married and are Protestant homeowners.

5. Post-Moderns
The breakdown: Post-moderns think that the country should care for and protect the environment. Aside from caring about the environment, they are liberal on  social issues such as social safety and racial policy. They believe in equality in which more changes should be made for blacks to have equal rights with whites. In spite of the popular opinion of Wall Street playing as the big, bad wolf, they think Wall Street is helping, more than hurting, the economy. Based on the survey, one of their key beliefs is that homosexuality should be accepted by society. Another is that religion is a very important part of their lives.

6. Solid Liberals
The breakdown: Solid liberals are indeed solid liberals. They are open to new ideas and opinions and are more than willing to discard the traditional. They are politically engaged and are pro everything: pro-government, pro-environment, and pro-social welfare. They believe in the capability of the government and think that good diplomacy is the way to go in ensuring peace. The growing number of newcomers or immigrants only strengthen America society.

Stay tuned for next week’s third and final part on the different types of American voters!