Different Types of American Voters: Part I

According to a survey conducted by the Pew Center (2011), there are 9 different types of American voters. These typologies emerged after the survey revealed a few highlights in which the grouping had strong ideological positions on a variety of topics as well as choosing not to identify themselves with any particular party. These typologies may well have changed over the years but do you still belong to any of these “types”?

american voters
Source: iReport CNN

1. Main Street Republicans
The breakdown: Everybody’s a critic but “Main Street Reupublicans” are highly critical, more so than others. They are skeptics in terms of the economy but are supporters of regulations related to the environment. They also don’t want to be nosy neighbors since they prefer less assertive foreign policies. They are the opposition when it comes to discussing social welfare programs. Don’t ask them what they think about immigrants since their views on the matter are downright negative.

2. Libertarians

The breakdown: You can also call them “the business-minded”. They say “yay” for pro-business policies but “nay” to social welfare programs. Like the “Main Street Republicans”, they are also highly critical of the government. You’ll find that talking to them about their views on immigrants are more moderate than other types. They are conservatives in terms of fiscal but liberal when dealing with social issues.

3. Disaffecteds

The breakdown: Again, still on the critical side when talking about the government. They believe and support social welfare programs that better the nation. On the other hand, they don’t support the government they way they do for social welfare. Their critiques of the government lean toward the negative. They are known as the social conservatives and the religious of the bunch.

There are five other kinds of American voters to discuss so stay tuned!