Democrats are Pro Online Voting

In their goal to increase and expand their voter base, Democrats are thinking about using Internet balloting in 2016. This has prompted Republicans to consider online voting, too, to not lose ground on the voter base and selecting a president. The idea of pushing for online voting during the Presidential elections came from Iowa Democrats, who made the proposal, along with several other party members, during a Democratic National Committee meeting. They realize and understand the advantages of the online process to further their cause.

online voting
Source: Bob Worsley

With online voting, the vote will be more accessible to overseas military personnel, absentee voters and the like. This is what the Democrats want. After their proposal, the Iowa Democratic Party has begun conducting interviews and meetings to listen to opinions and insights of caucus experts and party activists.

According to Christina Freundlich, Iowa Democratic Party spokeswoman, Democrats look at every opportunity to increase the voter base and to get them to participate in the 2016 Presidential elections. Online voting may not be a new concept but its application and full potential is yet to be realized.

With the Democrats driving the bandwagon for online voting, not everyone willing to ride in on it. Hans von Spakovsky of the Heritage Foundation does not like the idea of mixing the democratic system with online voting. He not only thinks it is a bad idea for the present times, but also in the future. He has presented his case against it by citing real life examples on how online voting became more disadvantageous than advantageous.

Von Spakovsky cited the infamous 2010 test run in the District of Columbia to support his stand on the issue. The new Internet-based voting system test run was suspended by the city’s Board of Elections and Ethics after observers heard the University of Michigan fight song while casting their vote. A Michigan professor, who challenged his students to get into the system, was responsible for the “hack”. He emphasized how the Internet is vulnerable to security breach. He even adds that “it’s stupid to go there [the Internet]” since it’s not easily fixed compared to repairing the hardware or software of a computer.