Bernie Sanders – A Dark Horse on the Democratic Turf?

A lot has been said about the 2016 Democratic nominations.

It’s quite apparent that Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State and wife of former President Bill Clinton is vying for the Oval Office next year. However, yet another nominee might stifle her wishes, just as Barack Obama did in ’04.

Outside of Vermont, Bernie Sanders might not make big waves but within the Congress and his constituency, he’s on his way to gain national attention and notoriety. He has shied away from the “Super PAC” funding and focuses on individual donations to pursue his campaign. This speaks a whole lot about who Bernie Sanders is, and what he believes in.

Sanders is an outright supporter of socialism in America. It might bring chills down one’s spine to hear such a thing, but Sanders provides a better picture of Socialism than the rest of the world might perceive. His views are rooted in wealth inequality, raising the minimum wage and putting mandatory labor clauses to causes such as mandatory work leaves for the struggling American. This might not seem drastic, considering that there are no statutory leaves in the United States by law.

The democratic candidate is also big on LGBT rights, which gives him a great advantage since the legalization of gay marriage has reached the federal level. His efforts on this area should not be discounted, knowing that he was also a rallying against the DOMA or the Defense of Marriage Act which reached its ultimate chopping block in 2013.

Overall, Bernie Sanders sounds like your kind-hearted next door neighbor, asking you to join him in making more changes in a progressive and vibrant United States of America. The rest of the world will be watching, and so will the rise (or eventual fall) of Sanders be seen by Americans and Non-Americans alike.

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