Are American Idol and The Voice on its Last Leg?

Was it Ryan Seacrest’s singing or has the years takes a toll on why fans are no longer sticking around to support the most popular singing competition on TV? Do you know who Caleb Johnson or Josh Kaufman is? If your answer is no on both names, then you must not be watching or following American Idol or The Voice anymore. Caleb Johnson is the recently crowned American Idol while Josh Kaufman is The Voice’s winner. The slowing decline in popularity and ratings of these two TV shows beg the question: will it ever end?

american idol & the voice
Source: The Wrap

Can you believe that American Idol has been around for 13 years and counting? It once drew 30 million TV viewers in one of its season finales during the height of its popularity. Now, the TV show only managed to pull in 10 million for this year’s finale. If you think The Voice is doing way better than American Idol, think again. The Voice may be a hotter commodity that AI these days but its ratings are way down to 25 percent compared to its ratings last year.

Are the TV gods no longer in favor of singing contests or are the audience simply burnt out from having to watch the same old format? In addition to the audience no longer interested in shows like these, audience in the 18 to 24 year old range spend less time watching broadcast TV and lowered attention spans for reality TV contests are pushing American Idol and The Voice to obscurity. It’s no mystery why the shows have lost their sparkle.

Even so, American Idol tried to pull out of limbo, especially during its 2013 season where they have the infamous clash of divas in the form of Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj to help put a spike in their ratings. This year, the show went for a more harmonious judge panel, who did their best to focus on talent instead of controversy and arguments.