7 Reasons Why You Should Vote

Do you always have an excuse when it’s time to register and vote for your local officials or your president? Do you feel too exhausted from work that you’d rather stay in than line up to cast your ballot? Or maybe the polling station is too far from your house and you’d rather save gas? Unless your reason is related to a life or death situation, you need to vote. It’s a responsibility each eligible citizen must do. Why make the effort? Here are 10 reasons for you to mull over.

happy voter
Source: Flickr
  1. When you cast your vote, you are giving the government a piece of your mind. It serves as an unofficial opinion poll for the general election. You can express to the world which politician you think is more deserving and which one you think is heartless or terribly uninspiring.
  2. You have issues with a proposed bill? Instead of ranting about it on your Facebook wall, why not stop the politician trying to pass it in Congress? A vote actually makes a difference as opposed to tweeting about it in less than 140 characters.
  3. Sick and tired of the issues and problems like cracks and potholes every time you step out of your house? Time to say good bye to ineffective local officials and time to say hello to new ones when you cast your vote for them.
  4. You’re a tax payer. You pay the salaries of the people seated in the government. Don’t you think it would make sense if you were the one who chooses which employee’s salary you actually want to pay for?
  5. Do you miss that fuzzy, warm feeling after doing a nice thing for someone? It’s exactly the same feeling you’ll get after you’ve voted.
  6. Maybe you’ll meet your one true love when you line up for voting day. So get out there and fall in line to vote.
  7. If have the time and effort to like and share futile Facebook posts the whole day, why not spend the whole day to actually make a difference?